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Who is the EARTH ANGEL?

Everyone loves the name Earth Angel Landscape and I explain to them that it is named in honour of my late mother Avril Margaret (Strubbe) Knighton.

Mom was in the British Air force during world war 2 and she met my dad Jim Knighton who was in the Canadian Air force in England.

They met in the November of 1946 and got married March 8th, 1947. Dad was discharged and came back to Canada and mom came over the following year as a British war bride with a little baby girl (my sister Jennifer), leaving all of her family and friends behind.

Mom was an outstanding very kind and compassionate woman who dedicated all her time and energy to raising us four kids and loving my father as an amazing wife.

Mom cooked endlessly, made most of our clothes, dresses for our Barbie dolls, kept the house so clean you could have ate off the floors, looked after all the animals we brought home, but what she loved best was to garden.

She had so many beautiful roses, peonies and endless flower gardens and a huge vegetable garden every summer. She canned and froze all the vegetable so we would always have lots to eat the following winter.

We were all truly blessed to have Avril as our mother. She was my hero and I would always say if I could be even half as great as that amazing woman I would be truly blessed.

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