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Great tips for putting your garden to bed this fall.

It is a beautiful October, but autumn is definitely here. We thought we’d share what we are doing for lawns and gardens this fall and what you should be doing in your own.

With the growing season is slowing down, it’s time to tidy and clean and put away.

If you have any, then bring in plants that will not make it through the winter

If you have decided you are going to move an evergreen or conifer, do so while the soil is warm so as to not damage the roots. If it is a deciduous tree or shrub you are going to move do so after they have lost their leaves.

Plant your spring bulbs, tulips and hyacinths now.

Tidy up your perennials, removing all the dead stems. You can leave the leaves and seeds for the birds. Take hardwood cuttings form shrubs and roses.

You may plant deciduous trees shrubs and deciduous climbers now, new hedges, sold with bare roots are the cheapest that you’ll find them.

Autumn is actually a good time to plant a new lawn, because the soil is still moist but not wet.

Make sure all your garden furniture is secured. As well clean and put away your garden tools.

And finally, clear up the leaves while resisting the urge to dump them on the neighbour’s lawn under the tree from which you are certain they came.

Instead of a confrontation, we at Earth Angel recommend that you simply compliment the neighbour on the beautiful yard and give them our phone number as a neighbourly gesture.

Weekly yard visits would ensure those leaves are picked up before they can spread to your lawn.

And while you are mulching your neighbour’s leaves for the last time you can chuckle about this podcast from the CBC about a town, not-far-from-here where it is illegal for the neighbours leaves to fall on your lawn.


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