Owner Operated

Landscaping and Property Maintenance in St. Catharines - Thorold

Earth Angel is a team that works under the direct supervision of Sue Knighton. Sue’s philosophy as a leader is to set the pace for the workday and to lead by example.


Sue keeps her Angels happy by providing steady employment and an enjoyable workplace atmosphere.


Customers benefit at the end of the day because each employee is as dedicated as Sue for leaving your property in better condition that when it was found.


Each Angel understands that picking up and cleaning up should not be a special request. Even your neighbours benefit because what belongs on your side, stays on your side. Sidewalks and window sills are regularly blown free of clippings. Garbage cans and blue boxes are moved, sticks and any garbage are picked up and disposed of properly.


Just because its a rain day means a day off for the Angels doesn’t mean that you will miss a visit. These Angels know that if it is raining tomorrow, they are working late today!

Not Just For Lawn Care in St. Catharines - Thorold.


EARTH ANGEL does everything from spring planting to fall clean ups, mulching, lawn repairs and overall soil improvement. We prune and shape hedges, trees, and more!

Over 20 years experience caring for property on the good side of the grass line!

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Owner Operated Landscaping and Property Maintenance in St. Catharines - Thorold.


20 years experience landscaping
gardens, pools and ponds (Plus all your outdoor cleaning needs)



• fences and gates • decks and raised garden boxes •  landscaping services • grass cutting  • lawn care from spring to fall • power dethatching • edging • lawn soil top dressing • over seeding

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Landscaping and maintaining beautiful properties in St. Catharines - Thorold

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