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Sunshine and Work boots: A great combination for the crew at Earth Angel Landscaping and Property Ma

Finding a time to speak with Sue Knighton is tough. As her Marketing Consultant, I am pleased that she has grown her company, Earth Angel Landscaping and Property Maintenance these last three years, but I must say, trying to get her to take time away from her clients for business meetings is a difficult thing to do.

I managed to meet up with Sue and her crew on Yates Street, in St. Catharines…LOOK OUT….

There, a house undergoing renovations was having its gardens cleared after some years of neglect. I arrived as her crew members,…STAND BACK…Dave and Mike were lifting a tarp full of branches into the back of one of two trucks on site that day.

“Follow me while I work, Dan.

I am just about to start weed-whacking”

That is the way it is with the owner of Earth Angel Landscaping….COMING THROUGH…At 9:30 this morning she was putting in gardens from scratch and now she is clearing this one.

She takes half a moment to show me what is being done. “We are removing this fallen material. That wisteria had completely over-grown the metal gazebo. This cedar has to go because it is blocking the gate...”

WATCH BEHIND YOU…”So much of my work comes from the website, Dan. You did real well there”, says Sue as she turns away from me to give direction and lend a helping hand to Mike and Dave.

“SCUZE ME, BUD”…says Mike, as another tarp full of organic material (pine needles, branches and cones, this time) is dragged across the worksite and loaded in to the Chevy Truck.

“I got the Ford first, then I got that Chevy. Then I bought this GMC”, she says when I ask Sue about the truck.

Perhaps explaining the energy every body has when on the job with Sue: “I want to pay that on off before winter”, she says.

I managed to snap a picture of Mike and Dave…NO TIME, BUD…at the truck. Getting them to hold still was just about as hard as holding a conversation with Sue.

Then the weed whacker was fired up and I was kind of ignored after that when the landscapers went back to work.

Sue sets the pace on the job site – you will find she doesn’t waste a lot of time talking. So call, get a quote and book her. The first price she quotes is always the right price, because she doesn’t have the time to haggle.

As I stand back…SORRY BUD, YOU”RE IN THE WAY AGAIN…I realize that these folks are having a good time. On Yates Street, on this warm summer afternoon Sue and her crew are exactly where they want to be – in the fresh air and sunshine, sweating up a storm, playing around with trucks and machines and dirt and trees. I kind of envy that.

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