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Growing. It’s what this landscaping company ought to be doing.

This year is going to be a year of growth for Earth Angle Landscaping and Property Maintenance and that’s not just something I wrote because some new age guru tells me to write my dreams down on paper.

Nope, this year we will be experiencing the growing pains of an adolescent company poised on independence and adulthood. I have a vision for Earth Angel Landscaping and to make that vision a reality, there must be growth.

Ours is a customer-centric business. We are the outdoor butlers for our clients and we have built a solid reputation based on trust and hard work. In this market our word means something and that is a company feature that we never take lightly.

So growth for us means more employees, more equipment, new processes and a lot of training. I have been working with our Business Consultant (you can have him when we are done) and learning a great deal about synergy and mapping. Our new office manager is learning about how we do things and soon our lead hands will go through training to ensure our customers barely notice that we have doubled our size and capacity.

For my part, I will scoping out your work requirements, assigning work orders and supervising my supervisors. In the past, my customers have seen me doing all that as well as slugging the sod and brandishing the chainsaw, but now it is time for me to pass the rake on to someone else.

Giving up the phone to our new office manager is also going to be hard, but not because I don’t have faith. Quite the contrary, I have plenty of faith. It’s just that I have come to love the day-to-day contact I have enjoyed with our customers and I, like everyone else, doesn’t want to give up what I have become accustomed to.

I must however, soldier on and lead by example. This is not change for the sake of change. We are looking forward to new challenges, new job descriptions, new experiences and, because of our capacity, new customers.

My role will be more focussed, as will the roles of our new employees. We are determined that our growth will enable top customer service, stable employment and better looking landscapes.

If we fall short of that goal, you let us know. Now there will be even more ears to hear you.

As always we wish you a great day in paradise above the grass line and remind you to chase your passion, not your pension!

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