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Looking for the Right Landscape and Property Maintenance Company? You just found it. Lucky.

When you are thinking of Property Maintenence and landscaping, think of Earth Angel. At Earth Angel Landscaping and Property Maintainence, we think that your property is unique. That is why Earth Angel doesn’t sell any package deals. Instead you can expect a custom program or project that is specifically made for you.

Earth Angel Landscape & Property Maintenance is a team of insured and WSIB registered professionals with over 12 years of experience and a long list of satisfied customers.

Nobody works harder on your landscaping and property maintenance than Sue Knighton and her team of Angels.

Whether you want a recipe for a great looking lawn or regular visits that keep your property in immaculate condition, you will find that the Earth Angel Landscape and Property Maintenance team members are caring and compassionate and always there for you.

Regular visits to your property are always planned around your schedule and what is convenient for you.

At the end of the day only 100% customer satisfaction is acceptable to Earth Angel Landscape and Property Maintenance and the only calls that come in late are KUDOS for a job well done.

We are landscaping contractors that take care of your property the way you would…if you had the time, energy, equipment, experience and the training.

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